World at Work Rewards ’22

Charlotte Henney

Charlotte Henney


Day one of World at Work Rewards 22 conference in Atlanta is a wrap and it’s so good to feel the buzz of 1,400 delegates from across the States and internationally coming together for the Rewards community.

“People, culture, purpose, the need for speed, promoting early to retain key talent, moving away from policy to principles, being in the office to celebrate moments that matter, moving away from cliff vest LTIs to annual grants, challenges of ESG metrics in executive compensation, actionable career development plans and clear job architecture to support that….” are just some of the sound bites from today that form many moving parts firmly in the minds of the audience.

Roll on day two!

And thanks to the wonderful Chuck Fazio for snapping me, whilst I was snapping away in the opening session. My team at Oakleaf Total Rewards Search forever tease me for taking all the pictures… they certainly won’t let me live this one down!